Bob and Jean

“We chose Penobscot Shores as our independent living home for several reasons. We had reached the stage of life where shoveling snow, doing landscaping and taking care of the lawn were becoming difficult. The handling of ice and snow were particularly onerous. The other residents provide sociability and comradeship; we have many friends at Penobscot Shores and enjoy dining with them. We come from many different backgrounds and it is interesting to share our experiences. Our dining room was one of the pleasant surprises at Penobscot Shores. Guests often say, “You have the best restaurant in town!” and we believe it is true. One of the important reasons we chose Penobscot Shores was the fact that the retirement community is managed by Waldo County Healthcare Management Company. The management company provides many services to Penobscot Shores and it is comforting to know that the Waldo County General Hospital is nearby.”